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From preventive to cosmetic dentistry, our Troy dental services can renew and rejuvenate your smile.

Our Preventive Services

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Hygiene Appointment
Coming for your hygiene appointment every 6 months allows Dr. Balutowicz to catch small issues before becoming big problems.You’ve probably heard you should visit the dentist every six months. Well, there’s an excellent reason for that – it helps your dentist detect small issues before they become bigger (and expensive!) problems. That’s why our Troy dental team performs a comprehensive exam and cleaning to ensure your smile is in tip-top shape.

Your typical hygiene appointment could include:

  • A comprehensive exam (digital x-rays, tooth charting, etc.)
  • A gentle cleaning from your talented dental hygienist
  • Oral cancer screening

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Dental Fillings
When you get a cavity (tooth is damaged from decay), a filling can bring back your tooth’s normal form and function, stopping the decay from spreading. We offer:

  • Metal fillings
  • Composite (tooth colored) fillings

Your doctor will discuss the pros and cons of which filling material is best for you. You can trust we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your fillings look smooth and natural and will last for a long time.

Fillings stops tooth decay from spreading. Here's an image of a dental filling being placed.

Scaling and Root Planing
Do you notice the following symptoms with your gums?

  • Bleeding
  • Redness and puffiness
  • Recession

These could be the early signs of periodontal disease. Here is the difference between healthy gums and unhealthy gums:Scaling and Root Planing is a deep cleaning for your smile to stop gum disease.

Gums are the foundation for healthy teeth and if periodontal disease worsens, it may result to losing teeth. To prevent the disease from worsening, your doctor may recommend scaling and root planing, which is also known as a deep cleaning. Your hygienist will thoroughly and gently clean your teeth and the roots of your teeth to get rid of the plaque and bacteria harming your smile.

Same-Day Emergencies
Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Call us right away at 248-879-7240 and our team will do our very best to get you on the same day.

We truly care about our patients and want to do everything possible to get you out of pain so you can walk out of our doors smiling.

Dr. Balutowicz offers same-day emergencies for anyone experiencing a dental emergency

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Sealants are a thin, tooth-colored coating painted onto the chewing surfaces of teeth. This creates a protective shield over the enamel, sealing out tooth decay. It is common to get decay and cavities in the back teeth because the grooves of those teeth are difficult to keep clean. Since we approach dentistry with a preventive focus, we can be proactive by placing sealants on those back molars.

We recommend sealants for children, but in some circumstances, we may recommend them for adults as well.

A little girl holding a dental model

Night Guards
Are you experiencing the following symptoms?

  • Worn teeth
  • Constant migraines
  • A sore jaw

These could be signs you’re grinding your teeth at night. Nighttime clenching creates uncomfortable pressure on your smile, which causes it to wear away over time. We can help with custom-made night guards. Customized to the contours of your smile, a night guard will protect your teeth from the nightly grind, preventing the need for extensive work in the future. Talk to us today for more information.

Looking for Cosmetic Dentistry in Troy, MI?

You’ve come to the right place at KB Dental.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening
Image of Zoom! Teeth Whitening machine, which is the key to dramatically whiten your teeth in one appointment.It’s perfectly natural for teeth to discolor over time, but you can unleash the power of a bright smile in just one appointment! Our doctors offer Zoom! Teeth Whitening at our Troy dental office, which is completely safe, pain-free, and has helped more than 10 million people.

With its safe whitening gel, Zoom! can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades in less than an hour. You can literally walk out of our office with a gorgeous smile in just one appointment. Our whitening system is able to brighten every contour of your teeth, looking more natural than over-the-counter treatments, which are not customized to your smile and may not be as effective.

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Porcelain Veneers
Does your smile ever embarrass you? Porcelain veneers can transform any smile into a masterpiece and fix almost any issue, including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Gapped teeth

At KB Dental, we’ve developed the reputation for creating Hollywood smiles with a family feel. You can trust Dr. Balutowicz to craft your dream smile with veneers. She’ll chat with you to discuss your goals, desires, and questions to ensure you’ll love your smile.

Porcelain Veneers can dramatically change your smile to the smile of your dreams

Dr. Balutowicz is a smile artist. Her secret? She considers multiple characteristics, including your facial features, skin color, eye color, and so much more to ensure your new smile fits ONLY you.

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Invisalign is an orthodontic solution to straight teeth without metal brackets and wires.It’s easier than ever to achieve a straight smile – without metal brackets and wires. Invisalign is the modern twist to braces, straightening your smile with clear, removable aligners.

What does this mean for you?

  • Eat your favorite foods: Invisalign uses clear aligners, which are REMOVABLE. This means you can remove Invisalign when you need to eat, allowing you to dine on your favorite gourmet meals without worrying of disrupting your treatment.
  • Brush and floss normally: With traditional braces, it’s difficult to keep your mouth healthy with brushing and flossing. Since the aligners are removable, you can brush and floss without difficulty, keeping your smile in tip-top shape.
  • Virtually invisible: Hardly anyone will notice you’re receiving orthodontic treatment, thanks to the clear nature of the aligners.
  • Incredible results: Depending on your case, Invisalign can last up to 1-2 years. In the end, you’ll achieve a straight, beautiful smile you’ll absolutely adore.

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Cosmetic Bonding
Looking for a conservative and affordable cosmetic solution for your smile? Cosmetic bonding may be your answer. Using composite resin, bonding can fix many smile flaws, such as:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Gaps
  • Stains
  • And so much more

Bonding can be completed in just one appointment and doesn’t require shaving down your enamel. This allows you to love your smile quicker! Ask your doctor today to see if cosmetic bonding is right for you.

‘‘As always, my visit was extremely pleasant and whoever claims that getting a crown is pleasant?!?!? It is truly a pleasure to come to your office. Thanks to all of you for making this visit so comfortable and pleasant.’’

Marcia G., Actual Patient

Restore Your Smile’s Function And Beauty With Restorative Dentistry in Troy, MI

Smile with pride and confidence while enjoying your favorite foods.

Bridges are another replacement option for missing teeth. A bridge consists of an artificial tooth (or teeth) that is suspended across the space left behind by missing teeth. It is held in place by crowns bonded to each tooth on either side of the gap.

Bridges are an excellent option if you aren’t a candidate for dental implants or if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to replace missing teeth. Talk to Dr. Balutowicz to discuss your missing teeth options.

Bridges is another alternative to replace missing teeth

Implant Restorations
It’s important to us for you to feel confident with your smile AND yourself. If you’re missing teeth, we can help give your smile a second chance with dental implants.

Dental implants are the next best option to your natural teeth. Not only do they replace missing teeth, but they can:

  • Allow you to eat your favorite foods with ease
  • Help you speak clearly without slurring and mumbling your words
  • Stop jawbone deterioration (caused by missing teeth) to bring back facial support
  • Last almost a lifetime (with the proper care)

Dental implants replaces missing teeth.

Dental implants work in three parts. First, the titanium post is placed within the jawbone, which is done by an oral surgeon whom Dr. Balutowicz works closely with. Second, the abutment is placed to make room for a crown. Finally, Dr. Balutowicz will blend and shape a crown to blend with your natural smile.

In the end, you’ll walk out of our office with beautiful, functional smile.

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Crowns are used to restore a severely decayed or cracked tooth back to its full function, strength, and beauty. Dr. Balutowicz will work closely with her local dental lab to ensure your crown will blend seamlessly with your smile. In the end, your crown will look and feel like a functioning, natural tooth.

Crowns restore function and beauty to teeth

Full and Partial Dentures
Dentures help replace missing teeth. We offer full and partial dentures to help you smile with confidence again. Are dentures for you? Dr. Balutowicz will gladly discuss the best options to replace your missing teeth.

Dentures can look natural and hide missing teeth.

Root Canal Therapy
Nothing beats natural teeth, which is why we do everything in our power to save them. Root canal therapy is the last line of defense to save your natural tooth. Root canal therapy has received the stigma that it’s a painful procedure, but that is not the case – root canals actually relieve pain. At Kristen Balutowicz DDS, we’ll do our best to make your treatment a positive experience. We’ll work at your pace to ensure your smile is saved AND you’re comfortable during the procedure.

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If your tooth is severely damaged or you need to make room for other dental treatments (orthodontics, etc.), an extraction may be your only option. Let us help make your procedure as comfortable and easy as possible. We will educate and work with you to ensure you understand the benefits of this procedure and how you’ll be comfortable throughout the entire process.

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